ZBiddy.com is a Scam? Unscrupulous, Misleading

zbiddy-scam-logoBy now, most of us know that when something says it’s free, it is very likely not true. Lately, there has been an influx of so-called penny auctions. Some are legitimate sites, but many are tapping into this new wave, and taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. ZBiddy.com is one of those unscrupulous sites in my opinion.

Here’s how they trick you…

You land on their front page, and it explains how you can, for example, get a $200 product for only $8.26. It sounds good, and with all the press some other sites have had, people tend to think it’s legitimate. So, you click on “sign up”.

That click takes you to a page where it asks for your name and email address. There’s a little more info about how you could win auctions at amazing prices. So far, so good.

The next page asks for your credit card info. Sounds reasonable enough. Obviously if you are going to be bidding and buying you expect this. Nowhere on that page does it say you are about to buy something. But beware, if you put in your credit card info, the next page says, “Thank you for your purchase for $99!”

Then, you call the customer service number and explain how you’ve been mislead, and they promise to refund your money. So, you check your email and it says they will refund your money, in 5-7 business days!

This is what happened to me today. I still haven’t gotten my money back yet. I’ll let you know in a few days if and when I do.

UPDATE: The next day I DID receive my refund in full. I also tried a little test…

On a friends computer, I went to the site, put in a different email address and name, and after that, it took me to a page where I can pick which amount of bids I want to buy. Now they appear to be completely legitimate.

So, my conclusion is this- My first experience was through a spammy offer that said, “Complete any two of these offers and get a free Dell laptop”. (That ad was on Publishers Clearing House website- a legitimate site.) When I clicked through that link, it forced me to buy the $99 bid package. So, maybe zbiddy is a legitimate company, but the one who sent me there wasn’t. Either way, I count myself lucky to get my money back, and I’m staying away.


  1. Zbiddy is a good site and they never charge a card without authorization. contact their customer support.

    • I did get my money back, the next day. But, that first day, when I put in my credit card info, I had no idea I was buying something. It was after they took $99 I found out I purchased “bids”. That was what I would call unscrupulous. You don’t charge somebody’s card without making a sale first! Like I said above, I count myself lucky to get my money back. But I’ll stay away thank you.

      • Yes…the exact same thing happened to me!! They gave me 25 FREE bids for signing up as a new customer. I immediately won 2 Auctions using 4 bids…..WONDERFUL…I THOUGHT!! I agreed to pay (but was not told about the $2.99 transaction fee which accompanied each Auction I WON). Eventhough I was duped on that level, I agreed to pay it. Now, when I put my CC info in, I receive this receipt for $85.37…..WHAT!!! They cahrged my account for a so-called ‘BID PACKAGE’ I did not AUTHORIZE!!! I have left several emails, and tried to get on live chat..to no avail! Could not be reached!! Go figure! I’m calling my CC company and have them stop payment on this charge (which has adlready been deducted from my bank account). Didn’t take them 30 seconds to take it out…let’s see how long it takes them to put it back in?!! I will steer clear of the auctions from now on!!!! Another thing, when giving information about my CC, they did not even ask me my MAILING ADDRESS!!

    • This is not true!! They DID charge my CC for a $79 fee that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!!! I was duped!! I agreed to pay $6.37 for 2 auctions that I had won. However, when I got my receipt…it was for $85.37. This was very sneaky!! It was bad enough that I had to pay $2.99 for transaction fees on each auction that I did not know anything about, but to charge $79 for a ‘bid package’ that I did not purchase….THIS IS SNEAKY!! I have left several emails to customer service, and tried to get on LIVE CHAT to no avail…no one was available!! Go figure!! It took them 30 seconds to take the money out of my account, let’s see how long it takes them to put it back!!

      • On the second reply, what I was referring to about not being true was when Jesse said they would NOT charge for an UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE……..because…THEY DID!!

    • I went online to Publishers Clearing House and it directed me to a page where I would get a $10.00 Walmart Gift for $.01 (1 cent). Then I receive a bill for $79.00. I called my debit card company; they said they would send me a dispute form. I then found the number for ZBiddy.com and called. The first girl I talked to would not listen to me. I did not order or bid on anything. She said there was no one higher in the office than her. I knew this was not true; finally she transferred me to the manager. When I explained the situation, she said I would receive the $10.00 Walmart gift card and they would credit my debit card for $69.00. I will never go on ZBiddy again or Publishers Clearing House who transferred me to ZBiddy.

  2. I won 25 bids and 1000 dollars in groceries, There was No roomour web page to claim the prize, I could not wsrite my address. Eva Divin e, 2015 s 3rd st, ft pierce, fl 34950

  3. I had the same experience of seeing my credit card purchase for $99 but I am testing the site. I think it was very dishonest to request credit card without telling public you were purchasing a bid. Then they give you a few months to use your bids or lose it. That is wrong. I should be able to keep my bids for at least six months.

  4. Customer support at Zbiddy.com is AMAZING! Had an amazing conversation with Nelson!

  5. I bought and won? a lot of bids on the site. When I went to bid there was no merchandise maybe a Dyson Vac that everyone was bidding on and one camera the rest were magazines and more bids to buy? I wrote to them about being a scam and that is when the magazines nd bids showed up on the site. When nI spend the rest of my bids I am out of there!

  6. I had the same experience today about this, a real scam. My card was charged for $99.00 two times today for nothing. I did not purchase anything yet. This is really wrong. I was skeptical when I was putting my credit card information. I knew something was wrong why they have to ask you for no purchase yet, so I checked my credit card right away and found out they charge me 2x of $99.00. I was so angry and stupid of me for trusting this people. I am out of here and pls. stay away from this people. I am just hoping they will refund my money as soon as possible for I need it for the holidays.

  7. I went to the site yesterday and reluctantly registered with my credit card, not realizing they were going to charge my card, I assumed they would charge my card when making a bid. WRONG. I thought about this and called Customer service and they are charging my credit card for $119.00. I told them I wanted to unroll my membership they are refunding only 89.25 and emailing me a $!00. gift certificate to restaurant.com. I am warning everyone to stay away from this site which is a total scam and customer service was a total waste, they acted like they were doing me a favor.

    • I wish I had taken the time to read these stories before I signed on to Zbiddy. So far I have not been jerked around for my credit card because I did not offer it when I signed up. But when I contacted them as to a penny bid that I had made from receiving 18 free bids; I was told I would receive a $100.00 restaurant gift certificate. I did. It was when I tried to redeem the gift certificate that I smelled the proverbial fish. It did not work. Later for Z-biddy.

    • I just got fooled by zbiddy ,i did the sign up and was shocked when 99.00 came up for no purchase no warning so i submitted an email as it was well after hours when this occured , so i will find out just what kind of company they are after a phone call in the am….I just hope to get money back for no purchases at that time, i did out of panic made a couple bids to try and make up for something if this deal goes south

      • I totally support your claim, My credit card was charged, $102.47, This comming during a pop up advertisement on the Idaho free lotto site. It claimed that as a. Exclusive member of the Idaho free lotto site, you are being given exclusive rights to view zbiddy.com absolutely at no cost to you. Further more our executive office would like to pay for your first 200 bids, at absolutely no cost to you. Yeah right!!!! They ask for your credit card I formation, Just in case you do win a bid, then.they screw you!!!! My sister did talk on the phone to customer service but even though they admitted their error would not return my cash to my credit card, they would send me a $100.00 gas card. That they did do, however, I, who is on a fixed disability income, am left with my credit card being put on hold, due to an $86.00 overpayment, as well as the over payment charge of $15.00. This I don’t take very lightly!!!! I feel it is my duty, to report the zbiddy site to the better businesse Berio and as well, to my attorney, and subsequently will do as such!!!!

  8. “zbiddy is a penny auction, which means you pay each time you bid, and the last bidder gets the item. The opportunity to win products at a discount is very real; in most cases, the winning bidder pays a fraction of the item’s retail cost. You just have to be smart about when and how you bid since each bid has monetary value.
    The complaints most people have is that they didn’t know they were being charged when they signed up and bought bids. If you check out zbiddy’s website, it’s obvious that you have to buy a bid package before you can bid on any items, so it’s really the complaints are illegitimate – not zbiddy. “

    • Just going to their website for the first time, I would agree with you- that’s what it looks like. But it’s not. In fact, I was just registering when I was charged $99. I clicked through an ad on PCH (which is legit), and never saw anything about buying bids. But when I called customer service to demand my money back, they tried to blame it on unscrupulous partners that have their affiliate links automatically land you on a 99-dollar package. But it was their checkout process that took my money without ever confirming that I was buying anything. That’s no way to do business.

  9. I have not had any problems with zbiddy. I think i have only bought a bid pack once. The rest of the time i spin the wheel for bids or buy stuff with bids. I have bought a restraunt gift card and a hotel gift card. They both worked. I would recomend this site to someone if asked. I didnt get charged $99 dollars ever. And for the last i have never been charged without asking.

  10. Thanks for these reveiws .. i was able to hold my registration to zbiddy.com.
    Luckily i used the credit card which does not have enough balance (which i always does when i enrolled for any sites that asks for a credit card) and it showed right away “card has not enough balance”, then i figured out that they are trying to charge an amount without my authorization, hmmm… something smells fishy.
    Then i checked on the reviews and found this site, which is very helpful.

    Thanks to all of you who sent the review it’s really helpful.


  11. New scam, today I was checking out Craigslist for Apple products and saw a few posting about Ipad mini’s priced between 200 – 220 dollars. I inquired via email. I received a response from one post that stated it was sold. Another responded several times stating that this item was sold (to four different people) and suggesting that I go to zbidding.com, which was the same site that he/she had won there Ipad mini. I registered and was charged 69.00. Called customer service George offered me a 50% refund and a gas voucher, I’m still not happy and will be contacting my bank in the morning.

  12. is this for all products ?

  13. Dinkie, yes, it is for ALL products. Thanks !!

  14. Does anybody else see a definate pattern developing here.The same thing just happened to me last night.I was linked to zbiddy from publishers clearing house[TOTALLY LEGITIMATE WEB SITE] and in the process of paying 5.00 dollars with credit card they added a 79.00 dollar charge on credit card.Does anybody sell goods and services without confirmation of purchase at the end of transaction,apparently zbiddy does.I contacted zbiddy customer service and they tried to tell me it was my fault.After i told him i was reporting this to VISA and BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU he gave me a confirmation number for refund of error.He said wait 24 to 72 hours for refund to return back to VISA CARD.Lets see if they follow through with refund of error.I have contacted VISA and let them know about this problem and i will now contact publishers clearing house to find out if they are aware that they are unknowingly directing people to this common problem.I guarantee they want no part of this type of business dealings.

  15. So far I won free bid packages on Zbiddy. I am gonna try to use them to win more items.

  16. Basically the company’s name is ecom interactive llc, it runs zbiddy.com, which is basically a rip off. The real owner of the site is Benjamin Grossman. They have been forcing people into buying bid packages which are virtual bids that cost the company nothing to generate or take away. They trick potential customers with products that the site does not sell or has in stock to put in their card information and get charged automatically for $99 usd, then they had a number you could call to, we were forced to say we were at first in Miami, Florida. Then we switched it and we were located in Wilmington, Delaware. Which was all a lie, we are really located in Bogota, Colombia. And we had to convince customers that the blatant rip off wasn’t a rip off, and on top of that try to sell more bids over the phone. Now just a few days ago, Zbiddy.com ended their work relations with the people which were the intermediaries (Venturia) between us the customer service representatives and Zbiddy.com, this Venturia company had to go through legal loop holes in the Colombian law to officially hire us, thus they had to change their name to   CSC S.A.S. (col service center) whose legal representative was Maria Fernanda Osuna or Garcia, she switches her last name. They just basically told us that since Zbiddy.com did not pay the people from Venturia they did not pay CSC S.A.S and thus they did not pay any of the workers here in Bogota. We havent gotten our last payroll neither have we gotten our liquidation  money either. Now we as a whole are trying to seek justice for our rights as workers to obtain what we worked for. And the name of the owner of Venturia which is the company that pays us is Satyan Vadera whom resides in London, UK. 

  17. zbiddy is a scam and a rip off! I was a fool that bid on many items and got played! I am now stuck with electronic tablets that are manufactured defects! That’s right, they buy out a shipment of defective items that cannot/will not have warranties and put them on their site for bidding, watch out! I have pictures of the items that are of no use to me or my family. I called ziddy about this and all they said was that they would credit me 400 bids for my loss. Imagine that! I spent over $600.00 and I got credited 400 bids, ugh!
    My bad, I’m a fool!
    I would attach a picture but I can’t due to the website.

  18. I have been duked 50 times by this company that I thought was for real a good business, but now that I have lost my money and all of the items that I won , I will have to go back to work and try to pay all these credit card bills I am being charged with, I am 91 years old and I guess people of today will do anything to steal our hard earned money?????May god look upon them real close …………..



  21. This is a true scam. Enough! I agree that we were stupid to believe this was legitimate. I have bid on and won lots of items and never received anything except a surprise gift that was a plastic silver bracelet made with elastic!!!! I am so upset that this is happening and want to do something about it but I really don’t know where to start. Anybody know how to do this???? Please help!

  22. I just want you to know that some good came out of your pain. I was skeptical when zbiddy asked me for my card info so i went on the web and found this sight. Thanks to your thoughtfulness and putting aside your embarrassment to make these post, you saved me from making the same mistake. Thank you very much.

  23. I got a 99$ charge i fought it i got a refund they said at first they wil give me half and i didnt let that happen. I just wanted to know if any one got a refund before the 7 day period?

  24. I went to this sight to try the fee trail & cancel, but my bank statement came & I seena charge from zbiddy for a &149.00, i call the bank to dispute it but I had to call zbiddy. When I call the represntive tells me he can only reimburse my $49 but give me a gas voucher for $100 I don’t want no gas voucher, so can anyone give me some advice?

  25. They only thing I can say is ditto to all of the above. I bid one bid on a magazine and have paid $10 – $12 in fees. The magazine did arrive but when I ask them to make it digital, they refused. Now I take the mag to work and leave it in the breakroom. Never will I do business with Zbiddy or the Magazine again.

    Update: Now the site appears to be closed. I still can spin for bid points but there is nothing to bid for. They say it is temporary but I won’t bet on it.

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